About SutiAIM

Invoice Matching Solutions help organizations improve overall business performance by minimizing the time and money spent on invoice handling. SutiAIM takes the manual work out of Invoice Matching. SutiAIM is web based solution that evaluates the Invoice, PO, and receiving data from your ERP system and automatically matches based on complex automation routines within the application.

SutiAIM allows you to collaborate with your suppliers to ensure prompt and correct resolution of unmatched invoices including email notifications and intelligent routing. A full suite of management metrics are available to allow management to see supplier/employee efficiency.

About Company

SutiSoft is an IT solutions company dedicated to the strategic synchronization of

  • Tailored business solutions
  • Best-in-class security

The company's "Best-in-Class" products range from business productivity applications such as Expense Management (SutiExpense), E-Signature (SutiSign), Human Value Management (SutiHVM), Enterprise Resource Planning (SutiERP), and Customer Relationship Management (SutiCRM) to E-Signature and Security applications using Biometric authentication.
SutiSoft's Business Solutions help improve business operations by delivering enhanced operational efficiencies, thereby mitigating business risk. SutiSoft Security Solutions include robust endpoint security and authentication mechanisms, as well as strong identity and access management systems that help companies meet regulatory compliance needs

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